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Dr. Tulay Massey – Transformational Coach

Written by on 4 March, 2023

Dr Tulay Massey is a regular feature on Puritans Radio Magazine show called 007 Live on Thursday afternoons.

Here below are all the links to her materials…………

Free Life Balance Workbook. This will help you discover which area of your life you are lacking balance and which one you should focus on first.……

After completing the Workbook, be sure to book a Free 30-minute discovery/clarity call with Tulay during which you will find out the ways to work with her.

If you would like more specific help, especially about managing your time and energy, Tulay is now offering a 1-hour 1:1 breakthrough calls that will completely shift what you think of time and how you use it.

This is for you if you are the type of person who:

🙋‍♀️ Is always busy, constantly running from pillar to post with no time for self-care

🙋‍♀️ Puts other people’s needs before your own

🙋‍♀️ Struggles to say ‘NO’ when it comes to other people’s demands on you.

You will love this because at the end of this call,

✅ You will discover the real reason why you don’t have time

✅ You will have a whole new perspective on how you use your time

✅ You will be ready to change your ‘story’ about time

You will come away with 3 things you can do today to create more time and energy in your life in just 1 hour!

Click the link below to book this call now for just £111:


Below are all the social media links for Tulay:


You can find all the past live videos Tulay has done on her Facebook business page using the link below

or you can join

Mastering the Serenity Principles for Life with Tulay Massey (Facebook Group) for more free content including live coaching from Tulay and many guest expert sessions!


All our conversations on or after 24th June 2021 can now be heard only on APPLE PODCASTS:

Dr Tulay Massey – Apple Podcasts

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For all conversations on or before 17th June 2021 then follow this link from our main menu:

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Thank you for listening. If you are the kind of person who likes to help others then share this with your friends, family, colleagues, because if you found value, they will too.
So please share via all your social media channels. If you want transformational content like this daily, follow Dr. Tulay Massey on LinkedIn by just searching her name.
Finally, a personal request from Tulay: “I truly believe we are all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves. Together, you and I, let’s help more people if you would please, leave a good review on iTunes. I would be grateful and with your help we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening“.

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