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Dr. Tulay Massey – Transformational Coach

Written by on 3 December, 2020

Dr Tulay Massey is a regular feature on Puritans Radio Magazine show called 007 Live on Thursday afternoons..

Here below are all the links to her materials…………

Free Life Balance Quiz……

1:1 1 hour coaching calls, which I call re-frame and re-centre suitable for the current times.

Below is the main link to her Facebook page for everything. Tulay has done a series of live video events which can be replayed if you follow the link below.

The reason why you are stuck is not that you are really stuck,

It is just that you are not using your free will to change the situation.

You are choosing to feel sorry for yourself for being overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated.

You are choosing to stay where you are and be a victim of your circumstances.


The more you do that the more you repeat your circumstances!

I know, I get it. It is hard to recognize that you are doing this. Because it is unconscious!

It is not you, it is your brain that does this without you even knowing it!

But there is a reason why it does it and once you know what that is, you will be free of all the unconscious blocks that are keeping you ‘stuck’!

I have the key to help you unlock this right now with my brand new ‘Discover What Drives You Self Evaluation Exercise’.

It is a simple exercise that will only take 20 minutes of your time, but it will free you of years of stress due to unconscious choices you made!

What’s more, you will be empowered to live the life you want easily and with less effort!

You can get your hands on this exercise right now for a mere £27!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get it with the link below

Chaos to Serenity Principles Training with Tülay Massey (Facebook Group).

You can listen back to past interviews from the show – they are all listed below…..